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Anonymous asked:
heey guys, i need some help. Im almost 17 and i have holidays in october. i have a job where i earn a lot of money and i save most of it, so i have more than enough to pay for a ticket to visit my bf, but my parents are not allowing me, because they think "you've been holidaying enough already" any tips on how to convince them ? its not really like a holiday for rme, i just really need a break from school and work to be with my bf just 1 week.. otherwise the next time we see eachother is xmas :(

I think you should explain to them how you feel. I mean a lot of parents, including my own, don’t understand how stressful life can be on teenagers these days. It’s not the same kind of living they went through as teenagers. You need to tell them that you hair need a break, and that you just need to spend time with your bf. I mean it’s your money and your life. They may think you go on holidays too much but the truth is teenaged and young adults need it. I just started school and I’m already so beyond tired. Weekends just aren’t enough sometimes. I’d really just try and explain everything to them,
I really hope they let you go. Good luck

Anonymous asked:
Thankyou guys for answering! We have had our fair share of arguments over the the past and we have also spent a full two weeks loving together too and we managed to get through it. we both feel the timing is right and I just hope his parents do as mine are supportive, would you still continue on if one set of parents weren't fully supportive?

Well I’m not very close to my parents, so I didn’t really ask them if they thought it was a good idea that Luca moved in, I kind of just told them that Luca is moving in with me. At first they were a little unsure about it at first but after awhile they were okay with it and my dad even helped Luca find a job and stuff. So even if they aren’t super supportive at first, once they see that it’s what you guys really want I’m sure they will start supporting you.

Anonymous asked:
I'm sorry, I'm totally creeping on your blog and reblogging almost everything 🙈

Don’t be sorry! The blog is here to be looked at and reblogged from! I’m glad you liked the posts 😊 feel free to creep anytime.

Anonymous asked:
I've been with my boyfriend for nearly a year now&everything is going great with us! we try and spend as much time as we can together with it being hard because of college and work,he's my soul mate&the person I want to spend the rest of my life with! we have had some difficulties with his parents being quite strict but next year around September we are wanting to move away together to study, do you think it is too soon to make a decision like this even though out families support us?

Me and Luca had been together 8 months when he moved here. All relationships have different time lines. I don’t think there is a wrong or right time to do anything. If you guys feel it’s right for you then you should do it.
We have lived together for going on 4 months and we are still in the process of learning to live with each other. Of course we have arguments and we don’t alway agree on things but in my own personal opinion “perfect relationships” with no fights won’t last. Just for the fact that if you never fight, and one day have a serious argument how are you going to know you’ll be able to make up?
Anyway, as long as it’s what you guys want that is all that matters. All you need to remember is, is that the first year is gonna be really different. You may fight about everything or maybe not, but don’t give up before a year is up. You’re gonna need that whole year to get used to living with someone.
If you guys think you’re ready to move in, then i support the decision 100%

Anonymous asked:
I don't wanna sound immature but it bothers me that my boyfriend who I've dated for 2 years has never gotten me anything :\ not even a bday gift and I know money isn't a problem bc he goes out with his friends all the time :\. Should I be upset over this or is this a normal thing

Well speaking personally, I would be upset too. I mean I know relationships aren’t about presents or anything but I love romantic gestures and small gifts. Like getting flowers or even some small present. I mean I would be upset too, especially if I bought gifts and things for them and they never got me anything in return. And gifts don’t necessarily ever have to be expensive. Even just cards are nice to get sometimes to acknowledge the occasion.
Maybe you should tell him in a subtle way or just hit at it. Like if you walk past a flower store just say something like “I would love if someone got me flowers” aha I don’t really know how else to go about it. I always used to tell Luca that I loved getting roses but the only people I’ve ever gotten them from are my parents, and for valentines day he got me a rose that stays preserved for 2 years.
I hope this helped (:

Anonymous asked:
I have a question for my friend who doesn't have a tumblr what I told her you give good advice. She has been going back and forth with this guy for a while. He acts like he likes her but wont say how he feels. Then the other night she messaged him that she doesn't know how he feels and she needs to find someone who actually cares for her. Normally when she would say this he would get really mad. But he waited like three days then he just messaged back a thumbs up symbol. What does it mean?

I think he doesn’t really know what he wants. And i think she should find someone that really cares about her and what she has to say. It honestly pisses me off so much if i tell someone how i feel or have a serious conversation and they reply with a thumbs up, that is just so disrespectful. So i think she needs to just take a step back and look at the situation and think about what she wants and if she wants to continue to be treating the way she is. He doesn’t seem to care, so maybe your friend just needs to move on and find someone that does.