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Tiia's new makeup blog!! Go check it out :D
1250milesclose asked:
First of all, you are my favorite ldr blog. Second, any advice on how to tell your parents you are moving to live with your SO? I am so scared and I can't find the right words.

Why thank you, from both of us! (: 

And i dont think there will every be an easy way to do that. Its always going to be scary, but it may not always be as bad as you expect. They may not react the way you think they will. Parents are strange like that. I thought my parents were going to tell me it was a terrible idea that luca was moving in with me. And i held off from telling my dad for a really long time. But they ended up being okay with it and happy that i didn’t have to be alone anymore. 

I really think you just need to sit them down and explain to them that you are starting a new chapter to you life, and its time to go after the things you want in life. Tell them its what you really want to do, because ultimately its your life. And although you are moving you will always be their kid and that you really hope they support the decisions you make. And just be sure to explain to them why you want to and are moving in with them. Maybe they will understand better than you think they will! 

Good luck and congrats! :D

Anyone want to play LoL with us? We play in EU West. We will probably play ARAM but if we get enough people we can always do Normals. Anyone in? 

You can find me with the user teacakess and luca with the user hotky (((:


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